Scout Documents

Leadership Documents

If you have a leadership position, you should read and memorize the coinciding documents.
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Chaplain’s Aide
Patrol Leader
Patrol Leader New Scout Patrol
Senior Patrol Leader
Troop Cookbook
Troop Guide
Troop Historian
Troop Instructor
Troop Librarian
Troop Quartermaster
Troop Scribe

Merit Badge Details
Merit Badge Research – Site to lastest requirements
Merit Badge Card

When is a Scout ready to pursue the Eagle Scout rank?
Letter from Eagle Scout Coordinators (Adobe PDF)
Rugged Road to Eagle Scout for Troop 122 (Adobe PDF)

Boy Scout and Adult Re-Chartering Fee
Download Form (Adobe PDF)

Boy Scouts of America (BSA)
Heart of America Council – Red Tail Hawk District
BSA National Council

Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook

Tired of Sewing Patches?
Tired of sewing patches on your son’s uniform or merit badge sash?  Keep your scout looking sharp and up to date.  Call Lori Bettis in Amber Meadows to help your scout look good.  $1.50 per uniform patch, $1.00 per merit badge/patch on sash.  913.851.0601.