Merit Badge Procedures

Merit Badge Procedures***Merit Badge cards need to be given to the Advancement Coordinator two (2) weeks prior to being included in a Scout Court of Honor.***

National Procedure The Boys Scouts of America (BSA) has a firm national procedure to earn merit badges. Troop 122 follows this procedure.  For your review, it goes as follows:

Selecting a Merit Badge of Interest
First, the Scout should choose a merit badge that sounds interesting and check the requirements to be sure he is interested enough to complete the badge. Requirements can be found in individual pamphlets available at the Scout Shop at 435 & Holmes, or in the Boy Scouts Requirement Book (be sure to get the latest edition). The Troop Librarian may have the pamphlet you’re interested in, so be sure to check with him/her prior to buying a new one.  When you’ve finished with the pamphlets, return them to the librarian for future use by other Scouts.  Also you can click here Merit Badge Research and go to the Merit Badge worksheet page to find the lastest requirements for each badge.

Counselor Assignment
Next, the Scout should talk to a Scoutmaster about taking the badge and get a Merit Badge Card.  The Scoutmaster will assign him a counselor. This must be done before the Scout starts work on any badge!  ONLY registered counselors are qualified to work in this capacity.  A Scout going to merit badge counseling must have a buddy, such as another scout, a friend, an older family member, parent, etc..  accompany him.  Scouts may not meet alone with a counselor.

Working on the Merit Badge
After discussing the requirements with the counselor, the Scout may then being working on thebadge. Upon completion of the badge requirements, the counselor will sign the merit badge card and return it to the Scout.  The Scout should then give the card to the Advancement Chairperson.  At the next Scout Court of Honour, he will receive the actual badge.

Keep all Merit Badge Cards
Should you lose a badge, you may replace it only if you have the card. Also, if you complete part of a badge’s requirements and later want to finish it, your card is the only record of the work you’ve already finished.

From time to time, questions come up about earning badges. Please keep this review of the procedure in your scouting materials so that you can refer to it if necessary. Questions can always be referred to the Troop Leader, ADVANCEMENT CHAIR and/or MERIT BADGE FORUM COORDINATOR.