Health Forms

HealthFormSo, What’s New Regarding Health Forms???

The Boy Scouts of America has decided to make a move to one form that will be used across the United States.  Why?  The amount of different forms circulating in the U.S. has complicated the jobs of those who work with the forms.  The new health form is more comprehensive and will provide more information that may be needed to assist a scout or adult who may need medical attention.

If my son goes on a high adventure camping experience does the new form cover him?
(investigating)  New forms i think are all inclusive.  (old info?) ….  NO, each high adventure Boy Scout camp requires their own form due to the strenuous activity that is particular for that camping experience.  This is in ADDITION to the ABC form.

When are the new health forms due?
Our forms are due to, Health Forms Coordinator, by our last troop meeting of the calendar year.  The BSA is requiring that all scouts and adults have this new form on file with their troop’s health form coordinator in order to participate in any scouting activities beginning Jan. 1.  Many of you have already made the transition to the new form before summer camp.  We ask for forms to be turned in prior to the holiday break so we are not spending our break processing them.

What if I don’t have the new form in by end of calendar year?
Without a form you or your scout will not be able to participate in camping activities until it is turned in. If you are going to miss the end of year deadline please contact me in advance.

Who’s responsibility is it to get it to the troop on time?

Where do I find the form?

Annual Health & Medical Record for Boy Scout Summer Camping & camping OVER 72 hours – (Boy Scout Camp – Scouts, Full-time Leaders and Part-time Leaders) The 2014 health form is the current health form, however, the 2012 and 2014 health forms will be accepted for the 2014 camping season. Health forms ARE NOT accepted at the Council Service Center. Health forms are only good for ONE year. Note: If your Troop is participating in the Scuba diving program at Camp Naish, the PADI Medical Statement which is included in the High Adventure portion of the Annual Health and Medical Record is required.  Above link takes you to the external HOAC website.

Authorization for Administering of Medications – to be used for all Scouts that need medications while at any camp.  Above link takes you to the external HOAC website.

How often do my scout and I need a new health form?
Every person participating in camping events needs a health form on file that is updated ANNUALLY.  Please Note:  This is new for anyone under the age of 40.

E-mail Health Forms Coordinator through the troop website.  Click on “Contact Us” and then choose Health Forms Coordinator.  This is the best way to reach us.

Thanks for your help and cooperation.