Dutch Oven Cooking

DutchOvenGood Dutch oven food, just like fine dining, is all about quality.  Keep this in mind when preparing your own outdoor Dutch oven recipes.  Always remember ‘You get out of your Dutch oven what you put into it‘.

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Troop Favorite Recipes:

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Dump Cake

This makes 4 Dump cakes you might have to get more/less depending on the number of Dutch ovens you want to use.  Always purchase the cheapest, what ever is on sale!  Nobody knows the difference (until now).  If yo can find the “pudding in the mix” cakes mixes, they work best, but only if on sale.  This will serve 100 scouts!

14 inch Dutch oven (Qty 1)
3 cans Cherry
2 boxes Chocolate Cake Mix
1 can of Cherry Coke, use only half

12 inch Dutch oven (Qty 3)
3 cans Apple in oven 1
3 cans Peach in oven 2
3 cans Blueberry in oven 3
2 boxes of Spice Cake Mix place in oven 2
3 boxes of Yellow (Golden) Cake Mix split between oven 1 & 3
1 12oz can Apple Juice, use only half in oven 1 with Apple.

2 packages of 3 sticks Crisco “Butter Flavored” Sticks divide among the 4 ovens
1 roll of Aluminum foil – wide

Line ovens with foil.  Slice 4-6 slices of Crisco spaced evenly at bottom of each oven.  Dump in fruit.  Dump in cake mix.  Place remaining Crisco, slices 4-6 on top of everything.  DO NOT MIX, DO NOT STIR.  Put top on and place on coals for 20-minutes and check every 5 minutes till done.  Let it cool a bit before serving.  If possible get some Vanilla Ice Cream, it goes great with the cake.  Enjoy!