Eagle Scouts of Troop 122

Eagle Pledge

As an Eagle Scout, I realize my obligation to my fellow Eagles, my home, my country and my God.  I will at all times do my best to assist other Scouts who are climbing the trail of the Eagle and to give back to scouting more than it has given to me, and to assist my troop as much as possible and to be a living example of the Scout Oath and law to the best of my ability.

See what it takes:  The Rugged Road to Eagle for Troop 122

The Troop 122 Committee, acting on behalf of the National Eagle Scout Court of Honor and the Heart of America Council, is proud to present Troop 122 Eagle Scouts:

140 Eagles and growing…

2014: (8) Charlie Betzelberger, Robert Allison, Logan Coates, Avery Don, Andrew Pitkin, Austin Adams, Christopher Gerhardt-Mathews, Ian Matches

2013: (7) Graham Harton, Austin Rini, Christopher Wall, Dustin Duman, Graham Long, Robert Hartfield, Charles Betzelberger

2012: (7)  Clay Knapp, Jacob Allison, Seth Carrithers, Garrett Long, Joseph Bush, Kellen Mahood, Sam Roldan

2011: (9)  David Schall, Alan Tamosiunas, Drew Karstens, Andrew Martino, Koby Slaven, Eric Rausch, Andrew King, Scott Brown, Kyle Young

Troop 122 Eagle Scouts December 18, 2010

2010:  (10) Benjamin Horton, Connor Humbarger, Garrett Fowler, Alexander Fortunato, Jordan Borel, Matthew Don, Paul Dean, Brian Soetaert, Kevin DeCock, Max Walden

2009:  (7) Jeffrey Sheets*, Ryan Lucas, Eric Plumb, Paul Hartfield, Jae Cochran, Daniel Flurer, Gordon Harton

2008:  (13) Philip Pestinger, Patrick Hallinan, John Eckley*, Chris Davis, Daniel Copeland, Sean Walsh, Adam Anstein, Matthew Horned, Christopher Horned, Blake Baumann, Kyle Custer, Dakota King, Brandon Ostradick

2007:  (10) Brock Mark, Drew Pearson, Ryan Benedick, Aaron Dean, Logan VanOverschelde, Brad Barnes, Sam Boomer, Alex Mundt, Cameron Stone, Kevin Chael

2006:  (10) Spencer Liolios, Andrew Ramsey, Josh Robertson, Brenton Willoughby, Andy Sachs, Kevin Sweeney, Jeff Cailteux, Alex Weston, Jemery Himmelberg, Kraig Sells

2005:  (8) Nathan Flurer, Andrew Weston, Brett Constant, Tristan Michael, Josh Mark, Austin Re, Spencer Evans, Jeff Brown

2004:  (4) Kyle Boomer*, Joel Cochran, Brad Gilbert, Ryan Hinderliter

2003:  (8) Christopher Furlong, Jonathon Stewart, Jacob Homer, Brandon Paddock, Braden Turner*, Andrew Baumann, Brandon Carter, Daniel Leittem

2002:  (10) Phil Thomson, Ryan Bishop, Kyle Fricke, Sean Heiling, Aaron Lilly, Kyle Weinstein, Hunter Re, Clay Cain, Mark Schuman, Garrett Evans

2001:  (4) Eric Scarborough, Chris Peterson, Jason Kolich, Seth Michael*

2000: (4)  Anthony Liolios, Ian Ferguson, Ryan Plate, Tom Scuderi

1999: (5) Geoff Boerner, Jason Lilly, David Plumb, Alex Thomson, Adam Cherpitel

1998:  (5) Angelo Chiaverini, Nathan Rosemann, Nathan Williams, Cameron Lewis, Tim Ruck

1997:  (7) Eric Taylor, Brian Sweeney, Chris Nicholas, David White*, Matt McKell, Hunter Anderson, Scott Dresser

1996:  (1) Tyler Re

Note: * = Armed Forces Member