Camping Troop 122Troop 122 camp outs occur every month (except December).  Two summer camps are offered Bartle and Naish.  We also commit to multiple high adventures.  Please take a few moments to review our camping activities.

Important camp out information:

DO . . . .

Sign Up & Fee Policy The deadline for signing up for a camp-out is the Monday immediately before the camp-out.  Please be reminded that the deadline for Scouts to sign-up and pay the camp and cook fees is the Monday night immediately before the camp-out.  Scouts will not be allowed to sign-up after this deadline. No exceptions will be made.  Our Troop is required to process a BSA Travel Permit and the Adult Leaders and Boy Scout Cooks prepare and plan based on the Monday night attendance figure.  Please respect all the logistical planning required in coordinating a troop camp-out and recognize that we cannot accommodate last minute attendees.
 Attendance Attend as many camp outs as you can! This applies to adults too – we need as many drivers as possible. If your vehicle can tow a trailer, we always need help with this.
Uniform Travel to each camp out in your Class A uniform (scout shirt, neckerchief, belt, jeans, scout pants or jean shorts). You’ll be sent home to change into uniform if you arrive at the church without it.
Mandatory Items ALL campers must bring a washable mess kit, eating utensils, cup and water bottle to EVERY camp out. This applies to scouts and adults. Also remember to pack for the weather. At a minimum a camper will need a sleeping bag, 2 changes of clothes including shoes, (synthetics are better than cotton, they dry faster), rain gear, flashlight and a water bottle. Don’t forget a toothbrush and toothpaste. It always rains on Troop 122. In cold weather come prepared! This includes wool socks, multiple layers. Bring blankets to wrap your sleeping bag in.
Sign-Up & Fees Sign up on time for camp outs and pay the fees required. Fees for food are paid to the patrol’s cook; camp out fees are paid to the troop.
Care of Equipment Be careful with your troop’s equipment – it’s somewhat fragile (especially the tents), it’s expensive, and it belongs to all of us. Remember that if you’re personally responsible for damaging equipment, you’re also personally responsible for repairing or replacing it. If you’re selected to take home a wet tent, be sure to set it up to dry as soon as you’re home and then bring it to the next troop meeting.
Organization Meeting Make every effort to attend the troop meeting prior to camp out weekends. This is when final plans are made, camping patrols formed and cooks assigned. From this meeting, cooks take home one of the plastic boxes we use for perishable cooking supplies. They restock it with paper towels, scrub pads, trash bags, small propane bottles (from Sam’s or Wal-Mart, etc.). They take it on the camp out along with the food and return it to the storage closet at the church after the camp out. There’s a list in the box telling exactly what belongs in it.
Transporation Arrange a ride to and from each camp out prior to arriving at the church Friday night. You can find out which adults are going by checking the roster at the troop meeting before the camp out. If you have trouble arranging for a ride, call the Transportation Coordinator. Also arrange your tent mate from your camping patrol if possible.  Adults who will be driving must prior fill out a Transporation Information Form
Trash & Recycling Remember that we often must haul home all the trash we create on a camp out. Always leave our camp sites better than they were when we arrived.
Do’in Your Share It is important if you need to leave early or arrive late, that you arrange your attendance to assist with either camp set-up or tear-down. Arriving late and leaving early does not provide scouts with the skills and understanding of the responsibilities of setting up and/or tearing down camp. With a troop this large it takes everyone’s attendance and participation to make camp outs a success. Remember, if everyone leaves early on Sunday morning, who will be left to clean up, tear-down and pack-up equipment for next time?

 DON’T . . . . 

Bring Non-recyclables No paper or styrofoam plates, cups or bowls on camp outs. You will not be allowed to use them or be reimbursed by the Troop if you purchase them in your group.
Fees Paid in Good Standing Don’t expect food to be provided for you at the camp out if you haven’t signed up and paid. Also,don’t expect a return of fees you’ve paid if you cancel after the troop meeting prior to the camp out. This applies to scouts and adults.
Matches & Lighters Don’t bring matches or lighters on the camp outs. Matches are supplied in the plastic cooking supplies box for your camping patrol and they’re to be used only for lighting cooking stoves and approved fires. Many of the parks where we camp don’t allow ground fires and the Troop won’t tolerate improper use of fire. If scouts break this rule and bring matches or lighters, they’ll be confiscated.
Personal Drinks Don’t bring cans of pop or drink boxes. Drinks for meals are planned as part of what the cook brings to camp outs. Your personal drinks should be limited to your canteen or Nalgeen bottle.
Electronic Devices Don’t bring radios, CD or MP3 players or other personal electronic devices. They all detract from the scouting experience.
For more information contact the Camping Activities Coordinator or the Transportation Coordinator