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SignUpForMailingListsThese mailing lists are NOT e-mail addresses in general.  They are lists that you subscribe to & recieve information pertaining to that list.

If you wish to sign up for a list, please click the Subscribe link.  If you wish to unsubscribe click the appropiate Unsubscribe link.  When you use your email program (example MS-Outlook) it will appear with the To populated and all you must do is send the email.   (If you use an online email system such as Hotmail, GMail or such you will have to copy the subscribe email from this page into your email program of choice and send it).  You are not on the list yet!  In a short time you will recieve a “Confirm subscribe to …” email asking you to confirm your email address to the selected list.  To do so click Reply then click Send and this will confirm your intentions.  Finally you will recieve a “Welcome to …” email notifies you that your email has been successfully added to the email list.

To be removed from the list just send an email to the Unsubscribe column address you wish to be removed from.  A “Confirm unsubscribe from…” email will arrive which you need to reply and Send.  This will remove you from the list and a Goodbye email will arrive stating this.

To send email to the entire troop you need to use the INFO email address under the Newsletters Announcements column.  However all emails are reviewed before sending to all on the list.  So to get your email out in time we review/approve emails on Sunday 8:30-9:00pm and Wednesday from 8:30-9:00pm CST.  NOTE: If your email is later than 9:00pm CST it may not go out till the next review/approval scheduled time!  PS:  Also when sending attachments please keep them under 2MB (use PDFs and not Word documents)

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