Preston’s Eagle Project

troop 122,

This is Preston S and I am planning my Eagle Scout project and am looking for helpers on April 23rd and May 7th. This project will benefit Mission Southside in Olathe. We’ll be building two picnic tables for them, and they’ll be placed in different locations, these tables will be used for activities such as homework buddies, vacation bible school and just as a good meeting place for the community.

My project will consist of two phases:


Phase 1 April 23rd,

Meet at my grandmothers house at 9 am till 12 noon, get the address from the email sent out, or contact me by email. ( and yes we’ll have donuts and juice or water when you get there for you to enjoy)

I will need two crews for this day, each crew will have the responsibility of constructing one picnic table,  I will need 12 scouts and 3-4 adults to supervise.


Phase 2 May 7th,

We will do some finish up work with the tables like, finishing constructing if needed and sanding, then we will transport them to the designated locations, I will need 5-6 scouts and 2-3 adults.


Please contact me with questions and let me know if you can help on one or both days

send sign up by day by sending an email to

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