2015 Leadership Retreat


Troop 122 Leadership Retreat - medium

We have an exciting announcement for our Troop!
Troop 122 is hosting our Leadership Retreat on Sunday, January 4 from Noon to 5pm.

This retreat is an opportunity for our Scouts to learn, grow and forge a strong future. This will benefit our Scouts and our troop!

We’re expecting attendance from current leaders such as Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol members, Patrol Leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders and others with positions of responsibility.

In addition to our current leaders, we suggest others to attend as well. We would expect to see our “upcoming leaders” attend as well. What’s an upcoming leader? Plan to join if you are a First Class or above & you desire to hold a leadership position in the next couple of years.

This will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about basic leadership concepts that will help every boy as they mature into adulthood. Leadership training is valuable for all and is a critical skill employers seek as they interview, hire and promote. Our Scouts will learn from troop adults, a soldier in a leadership position, and others. We will have discussions and exercises as a team. Everyone will leave the retreat feeling energized and better equipped to handle their future with confidence.

1. Set the stage for leadership – why is leadership important for you and your troop?

2. Leadership basics and examples of various leadership styles

3. Outline the responsibilities, expectations, and best practices for leadership positions in the troop. Establish leadership elements of Troop Meetings, Campouts, Summer Camp and PLCs.

4. Game plan to improve leadership and set plans for ongoing leadership training for our troop.

Want more information? Contact Mr Tom Foster or any other troop leader.

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