November Campout Recap

The following is a recap of the November campout told by our Troop Historian Duncan C.

Troop 122’s November trip to the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum

What Troop 122 did on the November campout. First we loaded our bags into the cars we were riding in for the trip to the Zoo and SAC. The trip to the Omaha Zoo took about 3 hours from Overland Park. There were many different types of animals like Gorillas, Bears, and lots of other animals. My favorite animal was a little Monkey. When I put my face close to the window he opened his mouth and hissed at me! It was hilarious!

After the Zoo we went to dinner at Golden Corral. There was Steak, Chocalate fountains, Ice Cream and lots of other food. After dinner we went to the SAC museum. It had fighter planes, passenger planes, many jets a lot of different kinds flying machines! Then we found out we had a Merit Badge called Astronomy.

The Requirements were not that challenging, but weren’t too easy either. First thing we did was enter a room that showed us space on a projector which was pretty cool! Then we were able to see the North Star. We had to draw a picture where it might be next. After that we viewed the different Suns! We saw our Sun and it wasn’t the biggest out of all of them. There was a Sun that was 50x times the size of our Sun! Are last Requirement was to learn about meteors. Last we thing we saw was where they hit on the computer!

After we earned the Merit Badge we watched a movie! I can’t remember the name of it but everyone enjoyed seeing it. When we woke up the next day we packed up and thanked the workers for letting us come. When we were on the rode we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. I got 2 plain Bagels and ate them both pretty quick. After breakfast we were on the rode and got home! I really enjoyed this campout with my Troop!

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