RED BAGS for the Holidays

It’s time to be a blessing for those who are in need.  Our troop is fortunate enough in that we are able to participate in the “Red Bag” program for the holidays.  We have chosen to sponsor 4 boys and 4 girls…mostly in the early teenage years.  I have a list of what they have requested and some other ideas.  The goal is to fill the bag with 8-10 wrapped presents for each child.  I will have the lists at the next couple of meetings and will also be collecting the WRAPPED presents there also.

Please talk over with your scout if you are able to help and what might be the approximate range you can help in…they need everything from clothes, winter outerware, toiletries to toys, games and sporting equipment.  If there is a group that would like to go in on the larger items (one boy wants a skateboard and a little girl wants a twin comforter set) we can arrange for that, too!  I will be at the meetings through December 6th…that will be the last day for dropping off donated, wrapped items.

If you have any questions, please call me and if you would like the list prior to Monday’s meeting please let me know and we can arrange that, too.

Let’s make a child’s holiday a little brighter!

Angie Vaupel

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