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The final numbers are 458 Youth and 296 adults, for a total of 754 individuals with a total of 1,820 volunteer hours.
I would like to thank several individuals who helped pull this project together:
David Weerts and Randy Warner who met with me several times to plan the event and who helped during the event.
Tom Johnson who donated a very nice first aid kit for the cause which will be used at future events.  Ron Puls, Ray Owens, Steve Berko, and Mike Morris who served as our Safety Captains.  John Sleezer who served as our official photographer.
Thanks to all of you for helping make this service project a flagship project for the HOAC Council. The day went very well, the weather was great and we helped clean an important part of the area. With all of you helping, it was an awesome project.
Thank you for all you do for Scouting,
Michael Samms
P.S. – I’ve typed the contest entries from the Trail/Stream cleanup this past Saturday. I’m sending these to you as they are interesting. Hopefully the ‘grossest’ category doesn’t cause anybody to hurl. Some entries are quite descriptive. We’ll be working to select the winners of each category. Winners will be announced at the May Roundtable.
Oldest Description
Jaw Bone of an Opossum
Rotten Jaw Bone
We found an old Boy Scout Canteen. Best we guess was from the 1940’s. It was the round disk style and is rusted out.
Deer- Femur Bone picked clean by wolves
Swatch pocket watch frozen at 3:06 (when Krakatau erupted).
5 ¼” Floppy diskette
Plow segment – picture sent
1937 bottle ‘Bottom’
We found a rusted can that had to be opened with a triangle shaped opener date to early 1900’s and late 1800’s
A section of fence gate, perhaps from when OS HS was built. Picture sent.
We found an intact 1988 Olympic sprite can, so we can even date our item.
Old Nike T-Shirt – Sent Picture
Metal bumper for a truck (guess of age: mid-1980’s)
An old crusty brown sack
Strangest Description
Prada Purse
Subway bag of cookies
Man-hole cover
We believe pulling out a mud filled truck tire and started digging out the mud when one of the scouts yelled ‘snake’. We kept digging out the mud and pulled out a three foot snake that we could not identify.
We also pulled out a totally under water lawn mower (we have lots of pictures)
3 foot candy cant encrusted with mud
Guns & Roses “use your” album cassette
Big Bird Relief Sculpture
Marti Gras beads worn by Brett Favre during Super bowl.
Beanie Baby Bear –Green with mud highlights.
Griffindorf had (resembles traffic cone)
Giant Clothes Pin with KCP&L Flag
½ full Viagra Bottle
Fire Extinguisher (pictures sent)
Turtle shell
3 shopping carts
Missouri Drivers License
We found one old smelly running shoe. We thought is strange…did the guy run off without one shoe?
Large Piece of rebar
We found a portable basketball hoop w/ the 10’ pole and parts
4’ piece of 3” perforated lawn pipe
3 “for sale” signed in the trail’s stream
Stuffed Curious George doll in a shirt
Baseball cap swimming in the creek (photo sent)
When was the last time you saw a metal slinky? Well we found one in working order
Camouflage Underwear
Pogo stick
Child swing
Baked potato
Barb wire spool
Computer Tower
We found an Elmo storybook “The Furry Arms Hotel”. There’s nothing stranger than the furry red one. That Tickles!
Grossest Description
Worm filled undershirt
Dead opossum. We think 8 pounds. If not an opossum, a really big rat
Maggot covered animal corpse
Multiple plastic bags full of dog poop that had been tied closed and thrown into the creek
Swim trunks boxer style with worn out mesh
Dead mouse died by rabies
Clothe monkey, stuffed with worms
Preston Kxxxxxxx’s OE I.D. Card
Animal carcass – Picture sent
Dirty diaper wrapped around a beer can
Cigarette Pack leaking brown/yellow liquid or rotting dead robin corpse (both smell the same)
Old piece of rug matted w/ dead critters, worms, leaves, dirt and nails.
Mesh made from homemade string covered in sewage mud
My dad and I found a K.U. retainer.
½ eaten lollipop my dad found.
A toothbrush the bristles were messed up
It is kind of like poo and mud
I found a water bottle with ants and mud all around it.
Disemboweled bunny rabbit
Decapitated bird
While there were many gross items, our vote for the grossest comes from both man and nature. We found a plastic water bottle down in the water. Inside was a dead mouse, partly decomposed.
Old Nike T-shirt. Picture sent
Fund and picked up a medium sized decomposed dog.
Decomposing dead squirrels – one with leg sticking our of the water covered with crap, and the other was on the ground with maggots eating its flesh, crawling through its head, and its eyes popping out.

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