12 May, 2014 16:51

Court of Honor

The Court of Honor is still on for tonight. It will be held as planned at Shawnee Mission Park, shelter #8. The rain forecast is favorable. Bring a jacket as the temperatures have cooled. Come and help recognize the achievements of our Scouts. We will also welcome in our new SPL. We will also award the Kevin Sweeney award for 2014

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13 April, 2014 11:40

Naish / Bartle Parent meeting date is April 28

Parents, if your son is attending Naish/Bartle or both. We need to have at least one parent come to the Monday meeting, April 28th. There will be some new information and there are some changes for Bartle this year.

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12 March, 2014 06:04

This is Avery D. Eagle Scout Project. We will be making four benches for the Olathe East tennis courts. My first meeting will be on the 29 March 2014, and the second meeting will be on the 5 April 2014 at my house. On the first meeting we will be assembling the benches and the second we will be painting them. Be at my house at 9:00 am both days. My address is 13016 Caenen St. Overland Park KS 66213. There will be donuts, juice and coffee provided.

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23 February, 2014 08:53

Order of the Arrow Elections

Monday Feb. 24 will be Troop 122′s Order of the Arrow Elections. We need at least 50% of our registered Scouts in attendance for this to take place. Please plan on attending Monday nights meeting.

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5 February, 2014 20:01

Mr. Robertson returns to Panama in 2014 – Call for Donations of New Reading Glasses

Mr. Robertson is on track for two trips to Panama in 2014 to serve as an adult sponsor for a High School student trip and a College student trip. The dates of both trips are March 15-22 and June 13-21. Both trips will take him to the villages of Chepo, Chiman, and Union Santena, with possible trek to the Wounaan village of Meje. While there he will conduct his normal visits with the elderly members of these villages and provide reading glasses as a gift of goodwill and an example of doing his ‘Duty to God’, in showing love and compassion for those who are less fortunate.

If you wish to help Mr. Robertson he will be accepting donations of NEW only, reading glasses for both men and women. These can be purchased very economically at either Sam’s Club or Costco in packages of three. Other locations that are very reasonable on prices are the Dollar Tree store. Glasses come in various strengths and the most common that Mr. Robertson provides are (+1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75, and +3.00). The greatest need is in the 2.25 through 2.75 range. Mr. Robertson will be attending most of the meetings in January, February, and March, including the January and March campouts. You can also arrange for a pickup by e-mailing him at allen.robertson or phoning at 913-945-0068.

If you are interested in other ways to assist Mr. Robertson and his team you may also freely reach to him in the above contact points and discuss ways that you too can reach to lives in another country and make a difference in your world.

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Call for Donations of New Reading Glasses

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November Campout Recap

The following is a recap of the November campout told by our Troop Historian Duncan C.

Troop 122′s November trip to the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum

What Troop 122 did on the November campout. First we loaded our bags into the cars we were riding in for the trip to the Zoo and SAC. The trip to the Omaha Zoo took about 3 hours from Overland Park. There were many different types of animals like Gorillas, Bears, and lots of other animals. My favorite animal was a little Monkey. When I put my face close to the window he opened his mouth and hissed at me! It was hilarious!

After the Zoo we went to dinner at Golden Corral. There was Steak, Chocalate fountains, Ice Cream and lots of other food. After dinner we went to the SAC museum. It had fighter planes, passenger planes, many jets a lot of different kinds flying machines! Then we found out we had a Merit Badge called Astronomy.

The Requirements were not that challenging, but weren’t too easy either. First thing we did was enter a room that showed us space on a projector which was pretty cool! Then we were able to see the North Star. We had to draw a picture where it might be next. After that we viewed the different Suns! We saw our Sun and it wasn’t the biggest out of all of them. There was a Sun that was 50x times the size of our Sun! Are last Requirement was to learn about meteors. Last we thing we saw was where they hit on the computer!

After we earned the Merit Badge we watched a movie! I can’t remember the name of it but everyone enjoyed seeing it. When we woke up the next day we packed up and thanked the workers for letting us come. When we were on the rode we stopped at Starbucks for breakfast. I got 2 plain Bagels and ate them both pretty quick. After breakfast we were on the rode and got home! I really enjoyed this campout with my Troop!

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Eagle Court of Honor 2014

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January 2014 Newsletter

NewsletterScoutClick on image to the left to view newsletter.

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December 2013 Newsletter

NewsletterScoutClick on image to the left to view newsletter.

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Eagle Project Sunday Dec. 8

Hey guys this is Bobby Allison telling you guy that my eagle project is this Sunday, Dec. 8th at my house at noon. There will be hot cocoa and pizza. We are handing out the flyers for my project to benefit St. Paul’s Food Pantry. With enough help It will only take a hour for part 1 to get done. The letters have been stapled to the bags and just need to be distributed. We will meet at my home as closely to noon as possible. My address is 11320 foster street, Overland Park, KS. It will be cold so please come with gloves and hats. With lots of help it should go smoothly.

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6 October, 2013 08:08

Cooking Merit Badge will continue October 7th. Please bring the worksheets to the meeting. A reminder, as of January 1, 2014 Cooking Merit Badge will be a required Eagle Badge. By attending the meetings and some “homework” each Scout can get this Merit Badge completed

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Court of Honor

The Troop 122 Court of Honor to recognize achievement since the last COH will be Monday, Sept 16th. Scouts please plan on attending in full Class A uniform to this event. There were many Merit Badges and Rank Advancements achieved this summer.

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September 2013 Newsletter

NewsletterScoutClick on image to the left to view newsletter.

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Dustin D Eagle Scout Project

Bench + Brick Patio

I need your help!  Aberdeen Village Retirement Community needs a bench and patio for their horseshoe pit (Grandpa need to rest when playing).  Please join Troop 122 in building this Bench and Brick Patio.

Day 1:    Saturday, May 11, 2013 @ 8am-finish. Location: Aberdeen Village, 17500 West 119th Street, Olathe, Ks (First stop take left and go around to back).  Will build brick patio.  Bring work gloves and shovels.  Will get muddy wear old clothes and shoes.  Need big turn out with Scouts and Adults.  Rain or Shine!

Day 2:  Saturday, May 18, 2013 @ 8am-finish.  Location:  OPKS.  Bench building 101.  Click on picture above to see how we will do it.

Of course scout meals of Donuts and Pizza at both gatherings.  Don’t forget to sign in and out.  Hope you can make it.  Be sure to meet Grandpa too.
Dustin D.

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